Rental Scheme

The Scheme

The Gallery offers short and longer term hire of artworks as a prelude or alternative to purchase. This offers you the chance to:
- sample artwork over the longer term
- try different styles and type of art
- have art on your walls without a large financial commitment
- furnish locations on a temporary basis
- enhance and enliven working spaces.

How it Works

Clients can choose artworks in a variety of media: paintings on canvas or paper, paperworks and original screenprints. The participating artists (listed below) all have specific works available for loan, and we can also recommend additional work by other artists to suit your requirements.

Before the rental is agreed, we arrange a consultancy visit when we can advise upon artworks that may suit you and the intended environment, as well as the selection available. There is an initial one-off fee for this service.

Artworks can then be hired for any period of time from a week to six months at a cost relative to their value. Where a number of artworks are required, or an ongoing changing programme, we are happy to discuss a tailored arrangement.

Paintings and prints offered in the scheme are also available for purchase.

Obviously we take great care with our artworks and would ask you to do the same. Your insurance policy must cover them whilst in your possession, and carriage by ourselves or recommended companies will be billed to you at cost.

If you are interested to find out more, please contact Shirley Crowther.


Participating Artists

Day Bowman

Abstract paintings of great energy and flowing paintwork. Primarily oils on canvas, her work is created in series: the Compass and Sandmarking themes producing lyrical, harmonious compositions; her later Water Zones series combined these painting techniques with more angular, gritty elements reflecting the inspiration.
Some of her recent work can be seen in her Artist Showcase.

Sophie Coryndon

Sophie has worked with Artizan Editions to create a series of original handmade screenprints reflecting her passion for flowers. These bold images - vibrant and on a large scale - appeal to both fine art lovers and the world of interior design and her original panels and paintings have been collected worldwide.
Further information on Sophie can be found on

Carol Farrow

Carol's hand-made paperworks make striking and unusual wall hangings. Cotton or linen fibres are used to create the base for these deeply coloured works which are designed usually to hang in sections, the wax finish allowing them to be unframed and so revealing their texture and deckle edging.
Examples can be view in the Artists Showcase.

Carolyn Genders

Carolyn is a ceramicist making beautiful vessels and bowls. The shape of these coil pots is usually quite simple, and the excitement comes through her decorative etching and glazes, which are bold and very distinctive. She uses earthenware so the pieces are quite robust, and her larger works are very much statement pieces.

Helen Glassford

Helen's paintings in oil on canvas on board convey the atmosphere of the Scottish Highlands, accentuating colour and - in flowing paint - the sweep and vastness of the landscape.
Recent examples of Helen's work can be seen in the Artists Showcase.

Stella Maris

Stella's screenprints - printed with Artizan Editions - make use of strong colour and simple forms to convey space, energy and spirit. Those on loan are designed to hang as a set.
Further information on

Gilly McCadden

Poised and perfectly balanced, Gilly's paintings in watercolour, are calm and gentle. They are best hung in pairs or sets of four.
Recent work can be seen in the Artists Showcase.

Sally McGill

Sally has been making screenprints with Artizan Editions since 2004. Her work is inspired by landscape and the way it can be mapped using shapes and patterns. Using a limited palette, her lively compositions are enhanced by the use of texture and line, leading the viewer on a journey through the work.
More information about Stella can be found on

Brian Rice

Brian has been making prints since 1953 and his work is widely exhibited. Through Artizan Editions we are offering a number of distinctive, graphic screenprints which work well in pairs or sets.
Further information about the artist can be found on

Tony Scrivener

Tony paints still lives and landscapes, using a mixture of media and surface material. His 'handwriting' is distinctive, a loose and expressive drawing style outlining and defining objects and a way of painting - often in quite a deep palette - that plays with perspective.

Jasia Szerszynska

A printmaker working with a number of processes: screenprint, lithograph, monoprint and other techniques. Simple and stylish, these prints represent shapes of the natural world and are created in series, framed behind glass.
Recent work can be seen in the Artists Showcase

Sandra Whitmore

Sandra's lovely sense of colour and gestural paintwork characterise her work, whether in oils on canvas or mixed media on paper behind glass. The subject matter is often the coastal landscape of the Chichester basin or the sweeping folds and woods of the South Downs.
Sandra's recent work can be seen in the Artists Showcase.