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Acrylic on waxed hand make paper
Triptych 61cm x 125cm
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Acrylic on waxed hand-made paper
140cm x 35cm apx each
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Paperwork triptych
62cm x 133cm
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Light Opening
Paperwork Diptych
77cm x 75cm

Carol Farrow

Carol very sadly died in February last year and will be sorely missed as a friend and very talented artist. However I still have a number of her paperworks in stock which are available for sale.

Carol's 'paperworks' are a wonderful combination of textural work and painting. She used hand made paper which she produced mainly from cotton linters fibres. This material gave her the freedom to create any shape, size, thickness, texture and porosity. Sometimes it was cast at the wet stage to record a surface, sometimes collaged, embedded or stitched with linen thread. The paper was then painted with washes of acrylic and waxed. The finished pieces is sufficiently robust to be hung directly on the wall.

Her inspiration came from architecture, costume, objects and surfaces worn, deteriorated or affected by age. Carol trained at Goldsmith College in Fine Art and Ceramics, and worked from London and South West France.

Carol had been exhibiting her work since 1986, with shows across the UK and Europe, as well as the USA and China. She also contributed to a number of books on papermaking.