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Bright Morning
gouache on Khadi paper
17 x 23cm
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Deep Time
Local materials, shellac and acrylic on driftwood
61cm x 140cm
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Velvet Dusk Loch Damh
Watercolour & acrylic on paper
30cm x 144cm
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Gault & Greensand II
Local clays & watercolour on paper
58cm x 78cm

Frances Hatch

Frances trained at Wimbledon graduating with an MA in printmaking in 1989. She now lives and works in Poole, Dorset. Her paintings involves engaging with particular environments using mixed media. Two trips to Finland and the use of a Coastguard lookout in Studland during winter months have fuelled a great deal of her work. She returned from a working trip to the Antarctic Peninsula in February 2005 and her latest Collection "Matters Arising" is the result of painting directly in, and with, the British landscape, particularly the Jurassic Coastline of Southern England.

"I am drawn to attend to a sense of place.
To the animating force of weather moving through landscape.
To the sense-impressions which form as a result of being physically present in a landscape.
I listen. Remember. Record. Offering not only what is seen but that which derives from the whole of my relationship with the place."